6 Tips to Eat Healthy All Week

Most of us want to eat healthy, delicious food, but it’s hard to find the time to get organized and make it happen. So we end up deferring to unhealthier choices or eating out. Here are a few tips to set yourself up for success so you can make healthy food convenient at home.

1. Stock your pantry with healthy food

I always keep quinoa, brown rice, seasonal organic vegetables, fruit, eggs, canned beans, nuts, and seeds on hand. Onions, garlic, and ginger are always in the kitchen, along with other condiments like extra virgin olive oil, a variety of vinegars, tahini, lemon juice, tamari, and many herbs and spices.

Even if you don’t have a plan for dinner, you can always whip up some quinoa in 15 minutes and add some veggies and nuts and you have a healthy dinner. A dinner of scrambled pasture-raised eggs and sautéed kale or spinach is delicious fast food. Simple is A-ok.

2. Do a Little Meal Planning

A little planning goes a long way! Pick 3-4 recipes to make for the week and shop for ingredients on the weekend. You can fill in with leftovers, salads, and 1-2 restaurant meals, but you know that you have most of your dinners covered.

3. Create a Kitchen Space That Makes You Feel Happy and Organized

Honestly, my kitchen is my favorite room in our house. I simply love being there. Whether you have a tiny space or a chef’s kitchen, a few simple touches can make it welcoming. Clean out your pantry and remove unhealthy food or food that you’ve had around since Y2K. Clear the clutter off your countertops and leave a nice, clean counter for cooking.

Organize your drawers so that utensils are within easy reach. Hang pots and pans to save space. Put flowers in the kitchen, post your favorite quote on the fridge, or hang pictures that make you happy. Make sure there’s good lighting.

When cooking, keep a bag or bowl on the counter for garbage so you can toss things in as you go. If you compost, keep a small container on the counter to toss in food scraps. This makes clean-up so much faster.

4. Prep Food For the Week on Sunday

What a game changer this is! If you take a little time on Sunday to pick some recipes, go grocery shopping, and do some prep work, your week of healthy food can fall into place.

Spend a little time washing and chopping your veggies so they are ready to go and you’ll get that hour back later in the week. Store veggies in glass or plastic containers in the fridge.

Make a pot of quinoa so it’s ready to use for breakfast or dinner. Make a delicious salad dressing that you can enjoy all week. Cut up carrots and cucumbers so they are handy to grab for a snack with guacamole or hummus.

Make soups and stews and store in individual portions in the fridge or freezer. Leftovers save time and make healthy eating achievable.

5.  Keep Healthy Food Within Reach

If you don’t want to be eating the whole bag of chocolate chip cookies, the best strategy is not to bring it into the house at all. Instead, keep the healthy foods within easy reach on your counter and on the eye-level shelf in your fridge. Cut up melon and store in the fridge for a healthy snack that you see as soon as you open the door. Keep apples and pears handy. (They are great with a little almond butter spread on top!)


6. Develop a List of 10 Recipes That You and Your Family Love

I am the type of person who can curl up with one of my 50 cookbooks and get lost in reading it. I am constantly trying and developing new recipes and learning about food from around the world. If you like to cook, you may be like that too. Or, you may want to simplify and streamline your life. Learn to make 10 recipes with real, healthy foods so that they become habit. If you put a little effort in up front in selecting and learning these recipes that include lots of fresh whole ingredients, it will pay off down the road in boosting energy levels and saving time.

I hope these tips are helpful. Cooking and eating real food at home is one of the foundations of good health. 

Do you want to put some new healthy habits into practice so they stick?

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