RENEW Winter Cleanse Registration for fellow YLM participants


I'm so glad to have the opportunity to support you with healthy, intentional eating and self-care in the New Year.  

I LOVE leading this program, and I love supporting people who are interested in mindfulness.

You can read all about the cleanse here:

RENEW: A Whole Foods Winter Cleanse

Here's your private registration link: 

Regular price: $169

40% off for current and former YLM participants who register by December 23: $99 

Get 10 Healthy Recipes for Energy and Balance + 52 Mindful Eating Mantras

Pre-cleanse week starts January 7 when all materials are sent out. The first day of the cleanse is January 15.

Your mindset starts to shift and incline toward healthy eating as soon as you register.


Take back your health.

The Cleanse is a fantastic, affordable jumpstart program where you will see the results of changing your diet in 14 days.

If you are interested in a customized program to support you in gradually making nutrition and lifestyle changes over time, my individual Radiant Health Coaching Program may be for you.

Contact me to schedule a private phone consultation to discuss your health concerns, share your goals for your wellness, discover what might be slowing you down from reaching your goals, and learn how I can support you in achieving them. I guarantee you'll have at least one aha moment during our conversation.

I have two spots open for individual coaching beginning in January. I work best with people who are motivated to make changes, open-minded, and reflective. 

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