Healthy Holidays:
A 4-week Program to Help You Feel Grounded and Balanced This Holiday Season


Let's rock the holiday season with healthy food and juicy self-care!


There are three main approaches to eating between Halloween and New Years' Eve, with all the holidays in between.


INDULGENCE - Eat whatever you want, including plenty of sugar, gain weight. Ug, you don't feel so good, especially come January 1.

DEPRIVATION - No sweets at all, go on a diet. Hmmm, that's no fun.

BALANCED - Enjoy lots of healthy whole food cooking and healthier sweet treats, moderation, self-care. Ahhhh, that feels so good!


You've made some changes toward a healthier diet and lifestyle. How do you continue to incorporate healthy eating into your everyday life and not get sucked in to old habits? How will you stay energized and on track through the holiday season when - let's get real - sugar is EVERYWHERE?  

In this group health coaching program, you will find a balanced way of eating in your everyday life. Chocolate is included.

Healthy Holidays provides education, inspiration, delicious recipes, and coaching from Janice. You'll learn and practice my 16 key strategies for making healthy choices through the holidays so you feel happy with yourself on January 1.  You'll enjoy the motivation and accountability that comes from being in a group and the group will help you succeed. 

This program is offered online so that you can participate from wherever you live and stay connected to our amazing group.




  • You want to feel more BALANCED, LIGHTER, and STRONGER this holiday season
  • You want to maintain supportive habits outside of the cleanse
  • You want to eat good food (including cookies) during the holidays, but not get sucked into typical overindulgence and weight gain
  • You want to create a moderate relationship with sweets rather than being controlled by sugar cravings
  • You want to create sustainable habits around healthy eating (outside of the strict protocol of the cleanse) 
  • You enjoy cooking and trying new healthy recipes
  • You benefit from the support, accountability, and heart-warming connection that comes from being a member of a community of like-minded people
  • You want to deliciously navigate the holidays while avoiding (or minimizing) gluten, dairy, or refined sugar -- that's totally possible!
  • You want to make time for self-care and stress relief during the busy holiday season



  • Learn my 16 key strategies for making healthy choices through the holiday season
  • Set clear intentions for yourself for the 4-week program and get support to accomplish them
  • Learn to make healthier holiday baked goods with natural sweeteners instead of refined sugar
  • Practice mindful, conscious eating (the art of savoring and listening in to your body that makes ALL the difference during the holidays)
  • Try delicious new recipes
  • Make self-care a priority (yes, take time for YOU)
  • Deepen your understanding of nutrition and cooking while having fun
  • Achieve or maintain a healthy weight (and avoid gaining the usual "Holiday Five")
  • Set yourself up for inevitable success by surrounding yourself with a healthy eating community and your personal health coach


Consider your progress in just 14 days during the cleanse.
What could you do with 4 weeks of support and practice?





  • 4 weeks of support so you are not going it alone!
  • A structured program that will ask you to show up for yourself and what’s important
  • Three audio classes (recorded so you can listen when it's convenient for you). Topics include:  (1) Strategies for Making Healthy Choices and Staying Energized through the Holidays   (2) Healthy Holiday Treats: Baking with Natural Sweeteners  (3) Mindful, Conscious Eating – experience the joy of savoring your cookies instead of wolfing down a dozen at a party
  • Healthy Recipe Book so you don't need to think about what to make for dinner (Thanksgiving pumpkin pie included!)
  • Healthy Holiday Desserts Recipe Book to help you stay off refined sugar and ease in to sweets
  • Private Facebook group for daily support


November 9 - December 7, 2018 (4 weeks)


Click below to sign up. Look for an email with your materials on November 9.

4-week Group Program:  $249


Success Stories from previous participants:

"The post-cleanse program supported my efforts to incorporate clean eating and better self care into my life on an ongoing basis beyond the cleanse period. I believe that it enabled me to turn 2 weeks of experimenting into real nutrition and self care commitments and HABITS! I find it so much easier to choose to eat well now. I believe that the support of the extended group helped me maintain the positive energy from the cleanse.

I notice less pain and inflammation. I have experienced far less cravings as I have gone longer without sugary foods. I find myself craving (yes,craving!) greens and other vegetables and clean food in general. I have turned down more chocolate and fried food than I thought possible during these weeks but with each CHOICE to eat good for me food I am stronger and more confident! Thank you, Janice, for all the classes with specific and helpful information and resources, and your timely and thoughtful responses to our questions!"
~Rebecca Dail

"Janice is nutritionist extraordinaire. She is holistic in addressing all issues related to not just healthy food, cooking, and nutrition but also wellness and self-care. She is encouraging, supportive, and compassionate which are essential ingredients for someone who will coach you through a new journey of food discovery toward overall wellness and balance.

I gained so much from this program. I lost 14 pounds. I have incorporated a much more substantial breakfast as the kickoff to my day. I've appreciated the recipes that are so healthy and tasty and satisfying and easy/quick. I have diminished cravings and when I do have them, I reach for healthier options (than pretzels or chocolate!). I am feeling better - steadier energy throughout the day, no caffeine in the morning (and don't miss it), and more even mood. I do feel more gentle/compassionate toward myself for not doing the program perfectly. The most helpful part was the ability to ask Janice questions and hearing others' experiences. I also really enjoyed the calls."
~ Ellie S.


"I LOVED the holiday recipes. It was so nice to have these ready to go so I didn't have to think about what to eat."


"Let food be thy medicine."  ~ Hippocrates



Healthier holiday cookies


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"As a mom with kids under 6, putting my health first gave me more and steady energy for my family and work. Janice's program and approach is user friendly, forgiving, and inspiring." 

~Susan Lafferty









Frequently Asked Questions:

Q:  I'm busy and/or travelling a lot over the next month, should I do this program?

A: Yes. Unlike the cleanse, this program is designed to support you in making healthy, realistic choices in your everyday busy life, especially when you are travelling for work or play, visiting family, or hitting all the parties. It's about making a little time for self-care, despite your many responsibilities. 

Q: How is Healthy Holidays different from the cleanse?

A: It's different in 4 main ways: 

--This is a small group coaching program, where you will set your own goals for your wellness, and have support and accountability to reach them.

--There are no restricted foods, unless you set them. It's about finding the foods that work for your individual body, and also about honoring your body's messages (like when it says you're tired, full, bloated, etc.) 

--It's about learning the art of making realistic healthy choices in everyday life because it feels good to you, not because it's dictated by the cleanse rules.

--Finally, there are audio classes to help you deepen your knowledge and practice.

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