The Year of Healthy Living Series


Module 1: Keeping It Real


You've made some changes toward a healthier diet and lifestyle. How do you sustain good habits and continue to incorporate healthy eating and self-care into your everyday life and not get sucked in to old habits? How do you stay energized and light on your feet through the year ahead? 

Keep the momentum going strong. The Year of Healthy Living Series is designed to support you in 

In working with hundreds of clients over a number of years, I have found that there are three keys for success:

1. Get excited about cooking and eating healthy food. It's so true: what you focus on grows. So if you want to eat well, we've got to build some excitement around having fun in the kitchen and eating delicous food. You've got to keep learning and trying new things to make it exciting. We all love to learn. 

2. Stay connected to like-minded people who are on the same same health-supportive path. You've seen this at work, right?  Hang out with people who eat cookies, cake, and candy every day, and soon you will be doing it too. Hang out with people who think it's fun to make roasted veggies with fresh herbs and homemade morning glory muffins, and soon you'll be doing that too. We are all widely influenced by the people around us. Choose to be with people who want what you want and support you in feeling your best. 

3. Planning and Preparation are key. When there's healthy food in the kitchen, it's easier to eat well. This means you've got to set aside a little time for grocery shopping and cooking. You've got to learn some tips and tricks to make this easier to do and more routine. Some people love organizing, and others would rather climb a tall tree than do a little planning. But everyone benefits from a little planning and prep. It really does set you up for success all week. 


The Year of Healthy Living is a series of short programs that fit into your everyday life. You can do one, or do them all, and you can do them in any order.  Each one will take you to new heights. Collectively, they will support you in living a healthy, holistic lifestyle and feeling radiant.

Each module will follow the core principles of Savor Wellness: acronym. 

1. Eat real whole food to nourish your body, and make sure it's delicious.

2. Honor your body. Tune in and listen to its messages.

3. Make time for self-care.


In every program, we'll be eating fabulous food and practicing self-care, but each module has a different focus. This program brings together the best of all my teachings.




group coaching program specifically designed for people who have completed one of my seasonal cleanses, you will put healthy habits into regular practice in your everyday life. The goal is to support you in staying on a healthy path so that your new practices become habits and you feel confident in the kitchen and empowered around your health and self-care.

This program is offered online so that you can participate from wherever you live and stay connected to our amazing group. 

The Year of Healthy Living program provides education, inspiration, and coaching from Janice, as well as the motivation, support, and accountability that comes from being in a structured, dedicated group. Of course, we’ll also cook delicious healthy food together so you will feel amazing in your body. 


This program is for you if: 

  • You have completed a Savor Wellness cleanse
  • You want to feel more BALANCED, LIGHTER, and STRONGER
  • You want to eat delicious mouth-watering food (including treats!), but not get sucked into typical overindulgence and weight gain
  • You want to create sustainable habits around healthy eating and clean living
  • You want to keep learning new things
  • You enjoy cooking and trying new healthy recipes
  • You want to create a moderate relationship with sweets rather than go back to being controlled by sugar cravings
  • You benefit from the support, accountability, and heart-warming connection that comes from being a member of a group of like-minded people
  • You enjoy inspiration, guidance, and coaching from Janice
  • You are interested in exploring any potential food sensitives and having professional guidance as you reintroduce gluten and dairy (or dine deliciously without them)
  • You want to make time for self-care and stress relief on a regular basis


  • Continue to adapt a healthy life-style based on real, whole foods and nourishing self-care
  • Set and accomplish your own health goals
  • Intentionally and skillfully introduce natural sweeteners and healthier baked goods
  • Discover what foods work for your individual body
  • Practice mindful, conscious eating (the art of savoring and listening in to your body that makes ALL the difference)
  • Practice meal planning skills for you and your family
  • Try new foods, including delicious new recipes
  • Make self-care a priority (yes, amidst the hustle of life, take time for YOU)
  • Deepen your understanding of nutrition and cooking while having fun
  • Achieve or maintain a healthy weight
  • Set yourself up for inevitable success by surrounding yourself with a healthy eating community and your personal health coach to provide structure, support, and accountability so that you follow through and feel happy with your powerful self
  • Have Janice's eyes on you, supporting you to meet YOUR wellness goals


Consider your progress in just 14 days during the cleanse.
What could you do with 4 weeks of support and practice?




  • A structured 4-week program that will ask you to show up for yourself and what’s important
  • Three classes with focused topics (recorded so you can listen when you have time)
  • NEW recipe booklet each week (all healthy whole food recipes, free of gluten, dairy, and refined sugar)
  • Guidance with successful meal planning 
  • Healthier Desserts with Natural Sweeteners Recipe Book to help you stay off refined sugar and ease in to sweets
  • Private Facebook group for daily support throughout the program (You get immediate access to the group as soon as you register!)
  • Support, accountability, and connection in our community to support your success
  • Nutrition handouts and other resources to support your learning 


Friday, February 2 - Friday, March 2, 2018


Optionally, add on one or more private sessions with Janice to get personal support and customized nutrition and lifestyle recommendations. Each session is 50 minutes and may be via phone, Zoom, or in person in Takoma Park. Choose one or two private sessions, offered at a 15% savings when included with the group program. 


Upon registration, you'll receive immediate access to the private Facebook group so that you have continuous support after the Winter cleanse. 

4-week Group Program only:  $220
Add on private sessions : $120 each 

Choose your registration option:

Success Stories from previous participants:

"The post-cleanse program supported my efforts to incorporate clean eating and better self care into my life on an ongoing basis beyond the cleanse period. I believe that it enabled me to turn 2 weeks of experimenting into real nutrition and self care commitments and HABITS! I find it so much easier to choose to eat well now. I believe that the support of the extended group helped me maintain the positive energy from the cleanse.

I notice less pain and inflammation. I have experienced far less cravings as I have gone longer without sugary foods. I find myself craving (yes,craving!) greens and other vegetables and clean food in general. I have turned down more chocolate and fried food than I thought possible during these weeks but with each CHOICE to eat good for me food I am stronger and more confident! Thank you, Janice, for all the classes with specific and helpful information and resources, and your timely and thoughtful responses to our questions!"
~Rebecca Dail

"Janice is nutritionist extraordinaire. She is holistic in addressing all issues related to not just healthy food, cooking, and nutrition but also wellness and self-care. She is encouraging, supportive, and compassionate which are essential ingredients for someone who will coach you through a new journey of food discovery toward overall wellness and balance.

I gained so much from this program. I lost 14 pounds. I have incorporated a much more substantial breakfast as the kickoff to my day. I've appreciated the recipes that are so healthy and tasty and satisfying and easy/quick. I have diminished cravings and when I do have them, I reach for healthier options (than pretzels or chocolate!). I am feeling better - steadier energy throughout the day, no caffeine in the morning (and don't miss it), and more even mood. I do feel more gentle/compassionate toward myself for not doing the program perfectly. The most helpful part was the ability to ask Janice questions and hearing others' experiences. I also really enjoyed the calls."
~ Ellie S.

"Let food be thy medicine."  ~ Hippocrates


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"As a mom with kids under 6, putting my health first gave me more and steady energy for my family and work. Janice's program and approach is user friendly, forgiving, and inspiring." 

~Susan Lafferty

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q:  I'm busy and/or travelling a lot over the next month, can I do this program?

A: Yes. Unlike the cleanse, this program is designed to support you in making healthy, realistic choices in your everyday busy life, especially when you are travelling for work or play, visiting family, or hitting all the parties. It's about making a little time for self-care, despite your many responsibilities. 

Q: How is The Year of Healthy Living different from the cleanse?

A: It's different in 3 main ways:  This is a small group coaching program, where you will set your own goals for your wellness, and have my support in reaching them. Also, there are no rules and restrictions. It's about finding the foods that work for your individual body, and also about honoring your body's messages (like when it says you're tired, full, bloated, etc.)  And, it's about making realistic healthy choices in everyday life because it feels good to you, not because it's dictated by the cleanse rules.

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