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Below are the products I personally use and recommend to my family, friends, and clients.  

Vitamix (My Favorite High-Speed Blender!)
Get free shipping on ANY Vitamix blender

My recommendations: 

Standard 5200 Multi-speed Model (This is what I use at home)

or a Certified Reconditioned Model 5200 or 5300 for a less expensive option.

Clean Skin Care, Hair Care, and Cosmetics:


Beautycounter makes high quality cosmetics, skin care, and hair care without harmful chemicals. They have banned more than 1500 harmful or questionable ingredients from their products.



Healthy Food Products

Order healthy food for your pantry online at Vitacost.  I get many pantry items here at much lower prices than Whole Foods.

Vitacost has free shipping with a minimum order and often has great sales.

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