Success Stories

"Working with Janice, I gained a lot of consciousness about my eating habits. I lost weight, started cooking with real foods, and discovered a love of cooking! I was initially afraid to start using unfamiliar foods and spices, but was surprised to find how much I enjoyed cooking. It was a great relaxing activity, and I got fantastic feedback from my family and friends on the results. I gained confidence and had fun. Beyond that, Janice gave me so many tools to explore and incorporate. In the end, I am constantly getting compliments about how I look, and I have an overall lightness. I feel better in my clothes and am so proud of my results.

Through working together, I got control over my eating, and was able to manage the sugar cravings in a new way. I got feedback from my body that I could never access before because there was so much junk constantly. Now I can make choices over how I behave around food. Janice helped me focus on the positive changes I was making – where I automatically went to focus on where I had failed.

I would recommend Janice to anyone interested in finding a holistic approach to health in a nurturing environment. She is supportive and knowledgeable. She is so creative in her approach, listening carefully and coming up with a gentle solution for each obstacle. She has an amazing, non-judgmental way of working with people and sincerely empathized and related to the challenges I shared."

--Karen Weiss, Major Gift Officer, Miami, FL

"I had the pleasure of working with Janice for a six month period. She guided me through a patch of illness and low energy after just doing too much in my life. I already had a healthy, happy lifestyle with a daily yoga practice and a fresh and zingy diet but I wasn't feeling as shiny as I should for all of my efforts. Together we identified some major stresses in my life and with Janice's support, wisdom and experience I was able to take the steps (some were hurdles) to free myself of them. We had some brilliant conversations and explored all sorts of ideas, philosophies and practices, some of which have become a welcome part of my everyday. Janice has helped me understand, accept and love myself better and she's given me so many tools to stay balanced and healthy. I feel better and brighter than ever and I have a deeper confidence about what I am doing. I am so grateful and I wish Janice didn't live far away across the sea because I want to give her the biggest hug!"

--Hannah Nunn, Designer and Entrepreneur, Hebden Bridge, UK

"Janice is one of the best coaches ever! She knows her field, practices her passion, and enriches my life experience through thoughtful, structured, intelligent conversation. 

Janice helped by setting up a structure for self-evaluation. “What worked over the last two weeks? What insights have you gained from that?” These thoughtful questions coupled with compassionate persistence made lessons into breakthroughs. Old habits didn’t die hard; they ceased to be important. The most significant overall change has been that my cooking skills have become much improved and I like it!! I would and have recommended Janice as the best health and nutrition coach in town."

--Dan Sheesley, International Consultant, Washington DC

"I got exactly what I wanted in engaging Janice as my Health Coach. I lost 15 pounds and I love my flattened tummy and the way I feel in my body. Janice supported me in interrupting habits I knew were not serving me, and shaking up my routine in the kitchen and the gym. I knew that continuing to do the same things would not get me different results. Doing new things is getting new results. I am cooking new foods in new fields and now cooking is a new adventure.

I changed some of my eating habits, including eliminating my sugar cravings and breaking my habit of snacking between meals. I have noticed my craving for sugar is becoming a memory of a habit. What I noted with interest was that I have no sense of deprivation or suffering. I would not have thought that was possible. And I never would have discovered this without Janice’s coaching.

My clothes fit better, my body feels leaner and stronger, I feel slim and elegant. I have much greater awareness around what I’m eating and how it makes me feel. Having the structure with Janice really supported me in making positive changes in my eating ways. I feel great and I am having fun!"

--Carol Herndon, Attorney, Bethesda, MD

"Janice is a fantastic motivator-- kind, funny, and firm. I got far more than I imagined was possible when I contracted Janice six months ago.  I had hopes of improving my diet, increasing my energy and ultimately easing my depression. Initially, Janice supported me through a three week elimination diet which, while challenging, turned out to be critical in discovering food sensitivities and energy sappers. I learned to tune into my body and can now feel which foods nourish me and which deplete me. I have way more energy than I've had in decades!

I knew that Janice would be able to set me on the best nutritional path for me but what I didn't know is that her expertise is much broader. She supported me in parenting and career exploration as well. My time with Janice has left me feeling empowered as a mother and a woman and excited about what the next chapter in my working life will be!"

--Jen Eagleton, Latino Community Advocate, Troy, NY 


"Before I started the program, I was struggling with my weight and was depressed and frustrated with where I was and where I was going. Working with Janice, I learned to green out my plate and green out my life. I lost over 20 pounds and can look at photos of me and smile. I have always known what I needed to do to be healthy and feel better but working with Janice made it achievable. I have a new attitude and belief in myself. I now have a healthier lifestyle that is sustainable.

Janice is great – caring and compassionate. I was able to work through many issues because I trust her. She shares information generously and is very supportive. I recommend coaching with Janice to anyone open to making changes in their life and willing to do the work. It has been a great 6 months. I am looking forward to using these tools for the rest of my life!"

 --Sari Paikoff, Scientist, Alexandria, VA


"I wholeheartedly recommend Janice as a coach to anyone who either feels stuck in any aspect of life or just wants to explore a new way of living, like I did with becoming vegan. Thank you so much, Janice! I am forever grateful. Thanks to you, I have become more healthy, I've taught my children how to eat more healthfully, and I believe that my food choices are better for our planet. Yay!

The biggest changes I have noticed since beginning the program are: I eat primarily vegan food now, which is amazing! I also created and live by a budget that I balance every month! I learned how to enjoy cooking! I used to cook every day until my children left home, but it was out of a sense of duty rather than joy. After my children left home, I mostly ate out or ate pre-made foods. Not anymore! I cook at least two vegan meals a day now, and enjoy planning my meals and cooking them!

During our six months together, I felt that Janice was confident that I could meet my goals, which was contagious. She was in my corner! She held a firm space for me to succeed, even when I didn't. Either way, she never wavered in her support and confidence in me. Her steadfastness helped me have confidence that I could meet my goals."

--Mary Aubry, federal attorney and meditation teacher, Washington DC


"Working with Janice has been amazing. I started with her because I needed to find better balance in my life. I had become consumed by work and the drive to “succeed”, but I had been neglecting my health for years. More and more, I was sacrificing personal time that I used to use for exercise and fun and relationship. I was pushing pushing pushing to do more, but in reality, I was pushing myself toward an early grave. I was getting fat. I was not sleeping. I was chronically stressed out. I was eating poorly and eating antacids like a little kid eats candy. I was taking medication for high cholesterol, thinking that was just part of reaching middle age. And I was not happy. At work, the more I achieved, the more work they gave me.

Janice helped me to step back and look at my situation from a totally different perspective, to see the possibilities and the benefits of making some relatively minor changes. But what was totally amazing is that she didn’t just point these things out, she actually showed me how to do them. And she was there to support me as I made changes in my diet and lifestyle that added up. And you know what? It wasn’t just easy, it was actually fun.

The changes I realized in the first few months have stuck. I feel much more in control. I’ve lost more than 20 pounds. I no longer need the antacids. And my cholesterol is well within the healthy zone without any medication. I’ve discovered some food allergies I never knew I had. And discovered some foods I never knew I loved. I feel better than I’ve felt in years. I am happier than I’ve been in years. I still achieve a lot at work, but the work doesn’t consume me. The people in my life, including my new fiancé, have noticed how much more relaxed I seem and how much healthier I look."

--Paul, Federal Worker, Washington, DC


"Working with Janice was a great way to focus on developing new wellbeing habits. I tried so many different things during our time together, and some have really stuck—many months later. Big lesson: sometimes the little things make a big difference. I especially appreciated the ‘space’ Janice created for me. More than anything, she helped me practice being more loving with myself, which is Job #1 when it comes to well-being."

--Andrea Lee, Author, Speaker, and Workshop Leader, Washington, DC


"Janice is very knowledgeable and is genuinely interested in helping others and spreading good health! My goals in working together were to be more present, to build relationships, and to vary my diet and exercise routine. Janice was able to help me work toward these goals by, first and foremost, being a great listener and sounding board. She has a gift for knowing which questions to ask and when and can help anyone work through their issues be they nutrition questions, health issues, family issues or relationship improvement. She also creates a very friendly and non-judgmental environment. I look forward to our calls and where they will take us.

The most significant change I’ve had is that I now have a more varied diet complete with more greens and more whole grains, and less meat and dairy. My focus has also gradually begun to shift from being in 100 different places at once to being present in the here and now. I have noticed a feeling of accountability keeps me on the straight and narrow. 

Janice is someone that I respect and whose opinion I value. I trust that her suggestions will be in my best interest and I am not afraid to try new and interesting ideas." 

--Cassandra Madsen, Government Worker, Ashburn, VA


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