Choose Safe Sunscreen for Summer Fun in the Sun

The weather is warming up and Summer is almost here! That means that sunscreen season is upon us.

Whether you are getting ready to do some kayaking (like me!), heading to the beach, or looking forward to having more time outdoors, it's vitally important that you consider choosing a safe sunscreen for you and your family.

But what is safe? Choose a mineral-based sunscreen with Zinc Oxide and/or Titanium Dioxide as the only active ingredients.

Avoid chemical-based sunscreen, including those containing oxybenzone (a hormone disruptor and allergen) or a form of Vitamin A called retinyl palmitate which can harm skin. Also avoid spray sunscreens which are easily inhaled.

The Environmental Working Group is a great resource if you want to look at the safety ratings on the sunscreens you already have or if you want to find safer sunscreens brands. You can read EWG's Sunscreen Report here.

I am very conscious about the amount of waste I create but my health would certainly outweigh the need to use up chemical-based sunscreens.

Beautycounter has what I believe to be the safest, most high-performing sun protection products on the market. They even work well on my super-sensitive nose which can burn through our skylights! And, unlike other zinc oxide-based sunscreens, they do not leave a white glow on my skin.

Shop my website here: OR go directly to the Sun Protect products on my website.

The choices we make today will matter tomorrow! Stay safe in the sun!   


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